Oh The Places I'll Go {If I Have This Stuff} - My Christmas Wish List

December 13, 2011

As a mom it is so hard to sit down and come up with a Christmas list for YOURSELF.  I've been asked a few times what I would like for Christmas and I get stumped.  This is lame for both me and those who want to find me a gift that I truly want.  So tonight I am sitting down and searching high and low for some items that make my heart sing "GIMME!"

LoveandKnit - Hand Knit Hooded Poncho.  HERE.

Little Beige Riding Hood.  I want to be her!  I feel like putting this on and taking a stroll with little Miss Ella {to Grandmother's house we go!}.

LoveandKnit - Neutral Lacey Slouchy Hat.  HERE.

My hatless head just shed a tear.  I crochet hats for my littles, but have yet to make one for myself.  I have no hats... sickening.

Happy Go Licky - Silk Wrap Bracelet.  HERE.

I have mentioned Happy Go Licky before {HERE} and one of these amazing silk wrap bracelets is still on my list.  I want one with a dandelion with the little wishes being blown off and I want it to say "be brilliant" or something like that... that might be too many letters to also have the dandelion.  I think I would choose a grey or other neutral wrap color.

DKNY Be Delicious - Sephora.  HERE.
I am almost out of my D&G perfume and I need a new scent.  I used to wear DKNY Be Delicious at one point and I miss it.  I want it's tasty goodness back!

Silhouette Cameo.  HERE.

Ahhh... the Silhouette Cameo.  I have been hoping and praying for this for months.  I told my darling, handsome, strong husband that I wanted one for Christmas... we shall see.  I would also love some fancy supplies to use with it.

Kitchenaid.  HERE.

I love my Kitchenaid mixer, but I need some fancy attachments to really see what this baby can do!

YingsStudio - Hand Knitted Leg Warmers/Boot Cuffs.  HERE.

YingsStudio - Hand Knitted Leg Warmers/Boot Cuffs.  HERE.
I am loving the look of boot socks/cuffs/leg warmers {whichever title you fancy}.  I would love to have a few pairs.

I also need some new boots.  I could use a grey pair and a pair of flats {a grey pair of boot flats would work...}.  I didn't see any online and haven't been forced into the mall to shop around this holiday {yet} so I haven't spotted any "must haves" recently.  I know they are out there!

MegansMenagerie - The Yorkshire Cowl in Tampa Spice.  HERE.

I work every 3rd Friday, outside in the freezing cold {well it is freezing for us Seattle folks}.  I need some super cute stuff to bundle myself in.

runningjackknits - Cabled Convertible Mittens Pattern.  HERE.

I also need to keep my little fingers warm when I'm out braving the elements.  I like this pattern {for a fellow crafty person who wants to make me a little sumpin' sumpin'}.

Image from Whimsy Daisy.
I would love, love, love any and all craft supplies or gift cards to craft/fabric stores.  I love having oodles and oodles of ribbons, fabric, buttons, paint, stencils, stamps, etc.  I have been slowly adding to my craft arsenal and I get the warm fuzzies when I can create something on a whim using things that I already have.  I would love to keep adding to the stock!

Oh gosh, I bet I could keep going and going and going... but I feel like this is a pretty well rounded gathering of wishes for someone who started out having no idea what to look for.

I hope my gimme list helped you get your own selfish wheels turning.  What do YOU want for Christmas!?

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