Ella Takes the Cake Birthday Reveal!

July 31, 2012

My Ella is a big, big two year old now!

I styled the most darling celebration for her based on her favorite book, Ella Takes the Cake.

Come take a closer look at all the details {and there are tons} at my event styling blog, By J Rachelle.

Events By J Rachelle is up and running!

July 20, 2012

I finally feel like By J Rachelle is ready to share!

I posted the first event feature this morning.  Come check out Amy, with Our Daily Obsessions, and her Vintage Hot Air Balloon party.  It is ADORABLE!

I am hoping that I can eventually transform into Superwoman and manage to maintain a relatively regular schedule here as well as at By J Rachelle.  For the time being, both unfortunately and fortunately, my focus will be on By J Rachelle.

Please come visit me there!  I'd love your continued support!

Summer Learning Fun

June 25, 2012

Most of you have probably forgotten who I am.  

I am sorry.  I really am.

I can tell you now that I have been working on starting an little ol' local event design business and a blog to go along with it.

It is all still very much in the works.

Feel free to check out my progress over at By J Rachelle, really not much to see yet.  She will be up and running at full speed in July {I am shooting for July 1, but that is creeping up on me real quick}.

But enough about that!

I am sitting here with my big kindergarten graduate working on a workbook I printed for her.

I joined education.com to have access to all of their worksheets and workbooks.

Source:  Education.com

I chose several of their 1st grade workbooks, 6 of them I think, and printed them out.  To give her a nice blend of different types of activities I broke up the workbooks and put several pages from each into our own worksheet bundles.  I then organized the bundles by level of difficulty.

We are about half way through the first bundle of worksheets.  So far the worksheets have been challenging, but not so difficult that she is getting frustrated.

I highly recommend checking out education.com.  You can pay for individual workbooks or worksheets or you can sign up for a membership to have unlimited access to all of their learning activities.  I think I paid around $30 for a 6 month membership and it has been well worth it!

What do you have planned to keep your child's brain from melting over the summer?

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