Making Sense of the Madness that is my Child's Room

February 20, 2012

My Maia has an enormous bedroom.

With more space comes more things.

More things.  More mess.  Not cool.

I have tried time and time again to come up with a fool proof method of keeping order, but alas it never seems to last.

My most recent attempt at peace amongst the madness was about a month or so ago and 2 of my newly implemented organization ideas have held up.  TWO! {That's a good thing, although seeing it in writing makes it seem less significant somehow.}

One of my long ago attempts at organizing clothes was rolling, underbed storage cart thingys. 

Hate them.  

The carts always get stuck on each other when you try to pull them out or push them back under {infuriating}.  Every time Maia gets her own clothes out she digs through to find what she wants and then just shoves it all back in in a big heap {aggravating}.  

Despite how angry the carts made me we have used them for at least a year {a year of daily frustration} and are still using two {she needs a dresser}.

To get rid of the cart that was holding her pants I came up with a brilliant and very resourceful idea.

Our bathrooms have too many towel racks.  Each bathroom had two and we often don't use them at all {we are more of a towel hanging type of people}.  The racks also didn't match and were placed in strange places {I am sure the previous owners of our home had a rhyme and reason to this... but apparently their rhyme and reason does not coincide with ours}.

Anyway, I took down a couple towel racks and installed them inside Maia's closet to hang her pants.  Yep.  Love it!

I had a bit of a problem installing one of the racks.  I might have used a few choice words. I never do that {I must have really meant it}.  I just could not get one side to hook onto the stupid little part that gets screwed into the wall.

After trying {and failing!} about 10 times I went to the ever faithful, reliable, never infuriating, life saving hot glue.  {Probably should have went that route after fail number 3 or so...}

The second fabulous thing that has stood the test of time is our coloring station.

I found this silverware tray at Goodwill for $3.99.  I thought that was actually a little steep for a used silverware tray, but the only other one they had was $9.99 {it was pretty fancy}.  Needless to say I went with the lesser of two evils {$3.99 is still less than five bucks!}.

Maia's coloring supplies were previously stuffed into a {too small} drawer.  Every time she colored she had to scrounge through the whole drawer and often could not find what she was looking for {frustrating for a small artist!}.

A lot of the crayons were broken so I stuffed those into the craft closet with hopes that we can do a melted crayon craft one of these days.

Maia loves her coloring area now and has done a great job putting the markers, pencils and crayons back where she found them.

There you have it!  The two that made the cut!

I already have some fresh ideas for the next organizing attempt.

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olive and love said...

Fantastic idea! LOVE the towel rack idea for pants. WE don't have enough wall space in my daughter's closet or I'd run out to the garage and start sifted through the junk to find an old towel bar.....or did that make it to goodwill already? we totally use towel hooks now:

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!!

Justine said...

Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}!

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