Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

April 29, 2012

This jelly bean journey started with a free printable that I found {HERE}.

When I actually sat down to do the work I decided that wasn't what I wanted.  I find this happens a lot in party planning.  Lucky for me I didn't start doing this the night before the party.

I decided to splurge and spend $0.99 on another super cool box in the Silhouette online store that had the same look as the actual Bertie Bott's boxes.

I sized the boxes down considerably to fit two on each 8.5 x 11 sheet of white cardstock.

I still wanted the official Bertie Bott's look so I cut the free printable so that I had just one of the sides.  I sized that to fit on the side of one of the boxes and then filled the page.

Because I have been trying to avoid using my own printer for these projects I sent these labels off to be printed at Staples.  This is where the first kink in my flawless process came in...

I went to pick up my prints Saturday afternoon {should not have waited so long} and they had no record of my order.  Well, isn't that wonderful?

I could feel my cool slowly leaving my body.  What else could go wrong?

Next stop was Dollar Tree to look for cheap jelly beans.  Nope.  No luck.  They did have itty bitty bags of Jelly Bellys, but one of them would hardly fill one box.  Great.

Made the trek a bit further down the road to Fred Meyer.  Of course a big ol' grocery store will have plenty of jelly beans.  Nope.  They only had two bags of the cheap ones and I wasn't about to spend $5 on the Jelly Bellys they had.  ARGH!

Cool gone.

Made it home with not enough jelly beans and no Bertie Bott's labels.

I was very unhappy with Staples so I definitely wasn't going back there and since the party was less than 24 hours away I didn't have time to keep running around.

I sucked it up and loaded new color ink cartridges in our own printer and printed away.  I wish I would have just done that to begin with.

Boxes assembled.

Labels printed, cut and applied.

Done. Done. Done.

1 comment:

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

These are so cool! Despite all your set backs, these turned out adorable! Great job!

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