Dreaming on a Cloud

January 5, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream.  A dream we all know and admire.

What are we dreaming of?

Dream Clouds

I found some pre-cut, pre-painted clouds at Michael's for $0.59 a pop.  They weren't exactly what I was envisioning, but I figured they would do the trick.

After I cut out 10 clouds using my Silhouette, I realized that the wooden clouds from Michael's were definitely out.  I LOVE THIS MACHINE!

To get started, Maia and I made a list of the dreams we have for our family, our friends and the world.

Since Maia needs more practice writing than I do, I handed my Sharpies over to her and let her write the words from our list onto the clouds.


Lauren {whimsy lane} said...

This would be so cute for my pre-k class to do! Thanks for sharing and stopping by :)

Anna at www.mylifeandkids.com said...

Absolutely adorable - such a great idea!

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