Goodbye Carpet! Hello Bamboo!

April 14, 2012

I have disliked the carpet in our house since we moved in two years ago.  

Note the interesting design.  My favorite part...

Despite the disappointing state of the flooring, I simply wasn't ready to upgrade to hardwoods for two reasons:

1.  I was pregnant when we moved in and I thought it would be best for Miss Ella to learn to crawl and walk on carpet.  I didn't want my soon-to-be sweetness bonking her little head too bad as little ones are bound to do.

2.  New flooring is quite the investment.  There are tons of things I want to update in this home and since there was nothing technically wrong with the carpet I just wasn't ready to bump it to the top of the list.

Well folks, two years later, flooring has been bumped to the top of the list for {once again} two reasons:

1.  Ella bonks her pretty little bean on anything and everything even now as a professional walker {the carpet doesn't appear to be doing her any favors}.

2.  I can't keep it clean enough anymore!  Ella drops her cereal bowl, throws her spoon, puts food on the floor for the dog, the dog sheds, Maia spills juice, Clinton forgets to take his dirty shoes off and so on and so forth {you have kids, pets and husbands so I know you get it}.

One day I had had enough and I told Clinton I was ready.  He had been waiting for this moment!

We went out, took a look, brought home a few samples and BAM!  Spent thousands of dollars!  Wooo {choke, tear} hooo!

Now the really scary part.  My husband, my darling husband, my wonderful, completely UNhandy husband wants to install our bamboo floors.

My husband, the man who despises Ikea {yea, I know right?} because he cannot put their furniture together {he claims it is because he doesn't want  to put it together}.

My husband, the man who fixed the leaky kitchen faucet two days ago resulting in a faucet that you had to turn off by pushing on the base of the handle instead of the handle and still leaked.

My husband, the man who fixed said faucet again yesterday resulting in a faucet that you can once again turn off using the handle {phew} but still leaks and now the hot is cold and the cold is hot.

He is going to install our thousands of dollars of beautiful strand woven cobra bamboo flooring.

My stomach hurts.


Pray for me.

If you don't see a flooring reveal on Monday, something has gone wrong... terribly wrong.


Laura Lynn said...

Haha! That made me laugh since I can totally relate. My husband and I installed our wood floors...they are not completely finished. We went the glue down method. Never again!
Good luck!

Domestic Mama said...

Haha too funny ! The bamboo floors will look beautiful ! Post pics as soon as HE ? completes it ;)

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