Pantry Pipe Dreams

January 27, 2012

My pantry {it is really just a big cupboard} sucks.

It is ugly, unorganized and infuriating.

It is so bad that now I have a pile of pantry items accumulating on my kitchen floor because I don't even want to try to squeeze anything else in the pantry.  The problem with that {other than the obvious - you shouldn't be piling things on the floor} is that my kitchen is now becoming even more ugly, unorganized and infuriating than it already was on it's own.

And now, I am going to do something about it.  Well, at least the pantry.  One thing at a time.

Here is what my pantry looks like right now.

I wasn't joking about ugly and unorganized {sadly}.

A lot of the crap in there just needs to be thrown out.  I need jars or plastic containers to store dry goods.  I need some sort of can rack.  I need... help.

The bottom cupboard is completely random.  A horrible waste of valuable space.  The laundry basket was a failed attempt at a place to store recycling... I forgot it was even in there {I wouldn't tell you how long it had been sitting there even if I could remember}!  So that gives you an idea of how often I open that door...

I think you get the point.

Since the deadline for complaints was yesterday, now is the time for action!

I have compiled some of my ideas here and today I am emptying the pit that we call a "pantry" and getting started!

These hanging baskets are gettin' it done in this linen closet.  In my pantry the shelves don't reach all the way to the front so there is space on the wall for hanging things.  The previous owner installed some {uh} decorative nails... so that's nice.  I would much prefer hanging some baskets.  Maybe a little basket for garlic... one for onions... tea... crystal light packets... {Are you getting excited?  I am getting excited!}

Better Homes & Gardens really knows their stuff.  Look at this jam packed space!  Are you thinking, "Oh my god there is too much stuff in there.  Yuck.  Get organized!"  Nope.  You are in awe of the beautiful labels and clean, crisp organization.  Love the stackable bins.  Is it complicated?  No.  Simple.  Beautiful. 

Jen from Tatertots & Jello always blows me away with DIY awesomeness.  Look at this pennant pantry she created late at night while fighting a sinus infection!  Get out!  I like the Ikea containers, I have looked at them several times myself.  I also love, love, love baskets anywhere I can put them. Goodwill always has a jam packed aisle of baskets upon baskets.  How can you beat baskets for a buck?

Love these affordable container options from Ikea.  When I walk around Ikea I feel like my eyes are bugging out of my head at all times {Ooh I love that!  Oh gosh that is exactly what I need in my living room!  If I had that my life would be complete!  If I don't have that I might die! - These thoughts just play on on endless loop in my head.}.  I am thinking the one with the flip lid would be perfect for cereal, nuts, small crackers, etc.  I'm not sure which of the others I like better... I will have to go take a look... again.  This time I am leaving with a cart full of stuff {not a jumble of ideas crowding my brain that I want to "think about" for awhile}!

I am also a huge fan of The Container Store.  I bought some drawer dividers for our bedroom and a couple of shoe racks from there.  The drawer dividers are amazing!  Kind of silly that a piece of plastic that you pop into your drawer feels life changing... but, it does!

I love these containers, but I don't know how I feel about spending that kind of money just yet...

These would be a wise investment since the quality is probably greater than Ikea, but for at least $15 a pop vs. like $5?  Tough pill to swallow...

And finally, what about color?

The pantry is at the top of the stairs into our basement.  Mmmm... the dark, dreary abyss that smells like our dog {ahhh take it in}.  Someday {hopefully soon... very soon} our basement will be a wonderful place with my craft room, an office, a family room and Clinton's "man room."  Today though it is more like a hole.  Just a hole.

What I am trying to say is that the basement sucks and so do the stairs leading to it at this point.  If I brighten up the pantry it will lead to me brightening the stairway and if I brighten the stairway it will lead to... the hole.  One must start somewhere.

I want a happy, "I love my pantry" color.

I am all about aqua these days {who isn't?} but everything cannot be aqua {or can it?}.

Here are a few colors I like:

And now here I am.  I've got the ideas now I have to do as much as I can while Ella is still napping.

Step 1 - Empty the pit!

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{Adventuresindinner} said...

It seems that each of my projects start with "and I went to IKEA" too :-)

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