I remember when Friday used to mean the work week was over...

March 23, 2012

You know you need a break when ...

... you catch yourself giving your 18 month old the stink eye when her back is turned.

... you bribe your 5 year old with a late night movie if she rubs your feet.

... you stop thinking "STOP TALKING!" as you listen to your chatty husband go on and on about something which is LITERALLY a waste of time {even he knew it was dumb} and you actually tell him to shut it.

... you tell your husband to go to the match without you and the kids and {for once} he does precisely as you say and you find yourself imagining the soccer ball flying into the stands and hitting him square in the face.

... you throw together a hod podge dinner for your children and completely forget to feed yourself {until it is so late and you are so tired that starving is a risk you are willing to take}.

... you get in bed, realize you forgot to brush your teeth, take a deep breath and say "forget it."

... you look to the heavens and pray that you'll make it to 1 o'clock tomorrow when you can drop your kids off at your aunt's house and walk away for 24 hours.

**deep breath**

Ladies, I need a break.


Heidi said...

lol!! That is SOOOO funny. Looks like you and I are on the same page this morning ;) My poor brain is soo..ooo...ooo tired!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Laura Beth said...

I feel you and I don't even have kids yet...just breathe...

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