Ask and You Shall Receive {Children's Shelves}

November 15, 2011

Over the weekend, as my husband sat watching football and monitoring his fantasy football team on the Mac simultaneously for the second day in a row {same story every weekend}, I told him he has a problem.  His response - I watch football as much as you "internet."  I'm not really sure that I what I do is called "internetting{I will be sure to google it as soon as I'm done here}, but I suppose I know what he is referring to.  I, on occasion, have found myself opening up the laptop to pay a bill and 45 minutes later realize that I have yet to pay the bill and have somehow ended up engrossed in iheartorganizing or tatertotsandjello or etsy or pinterest or {as is the case the majority of the time} all of the above.  Don't worry, I do snap out of it and pay the bill eventually.

Alright, so Jennifer, what do shelves have to do with your husband's football obsession or your internet addiction?  Well... you see I was asked by a fellow crafter to work my internet magic to find some unique children's shelving ideas for DIY Christmas gifts.  As an "internetter" {starting to push it here} I love me some google image search and, of course, pinterest!

I have had enough with the anecdote now.  Look at all these super cute ideas I found!

This image is all over the place.  I found this one in particular at

Original Photo and Design by Kidtropolis.

Photo from

From  This could easily be adapted to fit into a kiddy's room.

Image from Use some classic children's stories and WA-LA!
Classic Shelving from Pottery Barn Kids.  Simple goes well anywhere.
DIY Log Shelves via DesignSponge.

Cloud Shelf from Great Green Ltd.

Fleur-De-Lis from

Tube shelving  Different!  Could do some fun colors.

These may or may not be exactly what you are looking for, other people's creations most often are not.  But when you are looking for the perfect idea, waiting for the little light in your head to suddenly spark {or at least when I am}, I find myself most successful when I have an exhaustive list of what I like and what I would do differently in other designs.  So hopefully these ideas get the wheels turning and the ball rolling on it's way towards your own unique masterpiece!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

I love these shelves! I really like the tree one, very unique. And I know what you mean about fantasy football! Blah!! Ha ha!

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