Bring on the Holiday Decor!

November 3, 2011

I was feeling awfully festive yesterday and just could not stop my crafty fingers for the life of me!  I wanted to make a new dining table centerpiece since my Halloween arrangement had already served it's purpose.

I found a small gold leaf dish, a slightly larger plain leaf dish and an itty bitty coppery pitcher at Goodwill (cost me a whopping $3.99).  I put a couple coats of metallic gold paint on the plain leaf dish and boy did that make the difference!  From there I just added a few things that I had lying around or stored away in the ol' craft closet.

Simple and classic.

Then I decided to keep it going!  Using things that I had lying around unused I started working on the entryway table.

This bottle cost me $1.99 several weeks ago, I just spruced it up with my handy Sharpie oil-based paint markers to add some Thanksgiving cheer.  I think something like beans or rice would look better and would definitely mesh nicely with the November theme, but sometimes you just go with what you've got.

I didn't stop here!

A few weeks ago I bought a 5x7 frame at Ross for $7.99 for a project, but it ended up not working out, so it sat unused.  A few squares of paper and a marker - WALAH!

THEN I took a dollar store vase filled with dried flowers from a friend's wedding (AWESOMEly decorated wedding by the way) off of my mantel and gave it a little makeover.
All in all, yesterday was a good day!

What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?

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