My Newly Found Hunger Games Obsession {Better Late Than Never?}

April 19, 2012

So I know I am a little behind on this, but I read the Hunger Games trilogy this week.

I absolutely loved it.

I just could not stop reading, no matter how late it was, no matter how badly my eyes wanted to close.  Towards the end of the third book I was up VERY late still reading when my husband came home, looked at me and asked if I was reading half asleep.  I might have been...

My point being, I love it.

Even now that I am done reading the books I find Katniss and Peeta popping into my brain periodically.  Reminding me that even though the books are done, my obsession cannot just simply end.

I found myself immediately drawn to Etsy this morning, throwing myself into Hunger Games handmade goodness.

What did I find, you ask?

How awesome is this mockingjay bracelet/ring?  My favorite part is the pearl... aw, sweet Peeta.  You can find this at Sevinoma on Etsy for only $6.99.  I think it would be too much for me to wear though, a little too in your face Hunger Games.  I would want something more subtle so people don't think I am a crazy Hunger Games fanatic.

This is simply, beautiful.  Who didn't cry when Katniss sang this to Rue?  You can find this beautiful card at Hendersweet on Etsy for $2.50.  I would love to put this song on a pallet in my daughter's room.  {I think my heart just melted...}

Love the color of the arrow and the string.  I think I'd rather the braided bracelet be grey.  Beautiful.  You can find this at Infinitywish on etsy for $4.99.  I could picture myself wearing this.

There are hundreds of pages of Hunger Games craftiness on Etsy.  These are just the first ones to catch my eye.

You know where to find even more creative Hunger Games stuff?

Rae Gun Ramblings had a Hunger Games link party HERE.  I haven't had a chance to skim through them all yet.  Rae has several Hunger Games related tutorials too.

I have to get back to my real life now {sigh}.  My husband and I are going to go see the movie this weekend.  Until then Katniss... until then...

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